9 ene 2011

Examiner: ¡El cast de Twilight en una fiesta en Baton Rouge Louisiana!

Judi Shekoni (“Zafrina”):

Been super busy shooting… & had a wonderful nite out dancing with the cast yesterday – it’s official vampires have rhythm….

Cameron Bright (“Alec”):

Yesterday was Volturi photo shoot and press day. Not sure when the interviews for media will be aired so stay tune.

Peter Facinelli (“Carlisle”):

Photoshoot today for BD.Maybe I can put a request to be Mr November Vampire in the calendar.That’s my bday month. :)

Andrea Gabriel (“Kebi”):

Crazy fun Saturday night. Crazy brutal Sunday morning (um, afternoon)… These vampires sure can party.

Daniel Cudmore (“Felix”):

I was a dancing machine last night!

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